Tommie Harris Jr., raised in Killeen, Texas by way of Germany, is a retired American football defensive tackle that played 8 seasons in the National Football league (NFL). Tommie has an extensive football career, having achieved many awards and esteemed honors dating back to high school and now spends his time giving back to the community, serving as a motivational speaker and raising his two beautiful children.

In 2012, Harris’ life was forever changed after the sudden death of his wife Ashley, which led him off the field to embrace the role of being a single father to his two children, Tyson and Tinsley. His time away from football allowed him to focus on his children who are a constant source of love and joy.

Harris now lives in Dallas, Texas and continues to succeed off the field by staying active and involved with non-profits that give back to communities around the world. His work with non- profits like the Starkey Hearing Foundation, Pros for Africa and The Jack Brewer Foundation has influenced people from countries like Kenya, Haiti, Uganda and more. He is a man of strong faith and Christian beliefs.

Tommie is on a mission of vertical momentum. Harris went back to school to finish up both his undergraduate degree at the University of Oklahoma and received his Executive MBA from the University of Miami. He travels around the country speaking to groups, telling his story. Tommie Harris is committed to encouraging the masses and inspiring people to live more meaningful lives.